SERVER: Clash of Souls

Infinite Buildings: Optional

Infinite Troops: Optional

Infinite Resources: Optional

Builder Base: Yes

Town Hall 12: Yes


The Blog contains Several Private Servers for Clash of Clans or Maybe Clash Royale as well, none of them is Sponsored or Approved by Supercell and Supercell is Never Responsible for them.

Check Supercell’s Fan Content Policy for more Information:

Every Artwork, Character and Gameplay belongs to Supercell.

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Clash of Souls is a Classic Private Server for Clash of Clans made by a Team called Darksoul Servers (Since 2015).


  • 4 Separate Servers as Per your Choice.
  • Always Online
  • Mediafire Link
  • No Launcher or anything just Download and Start Playing


Direct APK Installation is Disabled Right Now, you’ll have to Download an 8 MB Utility tool to Get Started.

Download “Clash of Souls Utility Tool APK” Clash-of-Soul-Utility-Tool-4.16.18.apk – Downloaded 2355 times – 8 MB